Saturday, May 8, 2010

Confession of a first time T-Ball mom...

Last Sunday we woke up and got ready for what would be the first of many Sunday's. Our oldest, Max, proud as can be - woke up early to get ready for what would end up being one the longest afternoons of recent days. Our morning began at a baseball parade for all of the town's little league teams. What seemed like hundreds of 5 year olds gathered at a high school field for their very own parade. The parade consisted of just them. They walked around the track field to music and an announcer proudly calling out their team names. Max is a Mariners. Proud as peacocks they all waved to the crowds as we cheered them on. The national anthem was sung, the league rules were read, we sang "take me out to the ball park" and just like that "PLAY BALL". Excited we got back in the car to head to Max's very first practice followed by his first game.
WOW. WOW. WOW. The nostalgia of the day quickly wore off as I realized that we would be moved from station to station all around the fields for the next two hours in the 90 degree heat. Of course the field provided no shelter, no trees to hide underneath and all those lovely refreshments we brought, well, we had to pack up the picnic every 20 minutes to move it. Bless the coaches that rounded up over 125 five year olds - not only did they have to round them up, move them, they had to provide instructions for the "station" and then carry out the skill practice. I am not sure who thought this set up was a great idea - but it was chaos. Amazingly Max did not complain. However there was no shortage of crying kids, who were overheated and exhausted. There morning started at 10am and went until 3:30pm. Amazingly Max is still excited to go back, and well, if he can make it through that, I better get my baseball groove on. Next year - we will be wise, we will skip the parade. LOL